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We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

The BIG Thank You Scholarship

Can you spare 2 hours a week?

The BIG Thank You Scholarship



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County is a volunteer based organization, facilitating life changing mentoring relationships between caring mentors and children in need of a friend. Mentoring programs vary but the results are the same – one caring mentor can change a child’s life forever. Thank you for being that mentor.


Some of the mentoring programs offered by BBBS require a commitment of hours that can be challenging for some adults to fulfill. The Canadian Tire JumpStart After School program is one of these. In this program volunteers are asked to commit to being at an area school at least one afternoon a week from 3pm to 5:30pm. This is a challenge for those working full-time, and difficult for those with a part time after school job. In order to encourage young adults to step forward to help in these programs, BBBS has created a scholarship opportunity for those participating in this particular program. At minimum, one $500 scholarship will be available to be won each school year. The following criteria will help young adults understand the basic requirements to be considered for the scholarship. All participating young adult mentors meeting the criteria will be eligible to be entered to win the scholarship.


Scholarship Criteria

The Mentor is;

In Grade 12 or first year of Post-Secondary education

Currently living in, or a former resident of Lanark County or the Town of Smiths Falls

A successfully screened volunteer mentor in a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County After School program


The Mentor is NOT:

Getting credit through school for their volunteer hours


The Mentor has;

 Met minimum required volunteer hours at BBBS (1 night/week for 1 semester)

Met minimum requirements for match monitoring and training with assigned Mentoring Coordinator and met requirements listed in criteria attached


Generously Sponsored by;



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