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Agency E.D. recognized with Queens Jubilee Medal

Smiths Falls, ON: Surrounded by family, friends, staff and board members Jennifer Miller, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County, received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal at a gathering at The Courtyard Café. The commemorative medal was presented to Jennifer by local MPP Randy Hillier

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is awarded to Canadians who have built and continue to build a caring society through their service and achievements. Jennifer has been at the helm of BBBS Lanark County for the past six years. In that time she has guided the agency into a leadership role that promotes the power of mentoring for the children and youth of Lanark County.  Jennifer brought her passion, vision and focus with her to the agency and has contributed to an increase in staff, families served, children mentored, a second used clothing store and invaluable mentoring to all people that are around her. The number of children served by BBBS has steadily grown under Jennifer’s leadership.  BBBS is now providing meaningful mentoring relationships to over 300 children and youth in Lanark County.

Jennifer has encouraged staff and the community to think outside of the box and to challenge our beliefs in how mentoring looks.  BBBS of Lanark County now has more programs than ever. BBBS of Lanark County has become a model rural agency that is used as a benchmark for other Big Brothers Big Sisters and local agencies to aspire to. Jennifer added to bettering the Big Brothers Big Sisters movement by becoming a BBBS agency Accreditor.  She goes to a number of different agencies each year to help measure their success and make recommendation for positive growth. Jennifer continues to work tirelessly to raise the awareness of the impact mentoring has on the lives of children and youth at both the local and provincial levels. Jennifer is one of the founding members of the Ontario Mentoring Coalition.  Through the Coalition Jennifer offers her collective knowledge and services to other mentoring organizations to help them build resilient and stronger organizations.

On a more personal front, Jennifer and her husband Tim have been a Big Couple to their little sister for 6 years. Jennifer has provided her little sister with a number of different experiences, unconditional love and acceptance that have really been instrumental in that girl’s life.  She has been solid and consistent in her role as a Big Sister and has truly embraced the role.

Jennifer is an active member of the Parent Council at Lombardy Public School, a Lanark Integration Network Council member, a member of The Lanark Planning Council and an active member of her church, Bethel United Church in Rideau Ferry.

Jennifer is someone the staff at Big Brother Big Sisters and many members of the community look toward when they need a sounding board.  She is respected for her knowledge, passion, willingness to help and her experience. She empowers others, is supportive of her staff and encourages them to grow and develop their goals.   She leads by example and truly walks what she talks.  She is an inspiration and a true leader in this community.  She is admired and greatly respected for her dedication, work ethic and community involvement.  

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