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The agency has adopted the Code of Ethics of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.


In the Big Brothers Big Sisters movement, services performed by staff in fostering the personal, emotional and psychological well-being of a child can be generally classified as social work. Social work is then a profession which endeavours to foster human welfare through professional services and activities aimed at enhancing, maintaining, or restoring the social functioning of persons. Its members believe in the dignity and worth of each human being regardless of individual differences. It employs a body of knowledge, skill in human relationships, and methods such as inter-disciplinary cooperation, planning and research. A member of this profession is committed to supporting social institutions sensitive to human needs and supportive of human fulfillment and to changing institutions and systems which do not serve the public good.

As members of the social work sphere, we are expected to uphold the values and goals as generally stated above. We are to use with integrity our knowledge, experience and skills in the interests of persons served.

Out of the fundamental values and principals on which our work is based arise certain professional obligations which in turn determine our professional behaviour.

 Professional Obligations

1. To regard the welfare of the individuals, and the community we serve, as our primary professional duty.

2. To hold ourselves personally responsible for our professional conduct.

3. To maintain an objective, non-possessive, non-judgmental professional relationship with those served at all times.

4. To work for social change required to promote the well-being of all citizens and to participate with colleagues and others working for social action designed to effect change consistent with the values and goals of our work.

5. To take steps to protect the community from individuals or groups purporting to offer or provide human services, but whose services are incompatible with the well-being of those to whom the services are offered.

6. To adhere to the confidentiality of all records, material, and knowledge concerning the persons we serve and to use, in a responsible manner, the information obtained in the course of professional relationships.

7. To work cooperatively with other persons having respect for their areas of competence.

8. To not discriminate on the basis of handicaps, disability, race, colour, religion or sexual orientation.

9. To make a commitment to assess our personal and vocational strengths and limitations, biases and effectiveness. We maintain the willingness and ability to recognize when it is in the best interest of those we serve to refer or release him/her to another individual program.

10.To take personal responsibility for continuing our professional growth through further education, supervision or training regardless of level of authority.

11.To be totally committed to providing the highest quality of care through our professional efforts and by utilizing any other health professionals and/or services which may assist the children we serve, and their families, generally.

Unprofessional Conduct

The following behaviour shall be deemed unworthy and as a member guilty of any of these items will have committed a breach of ethics.

 1. Without reasonable cause to withhold a service or to fail to give information about availability of service or neglect to render or complete a professional service after undertaking to do so.

2. To fail to respect the privacy and dignity of a client through divulging confidential information without consent, except when required by professional or legal obligations.

3. To violate the legal rights of others.

4. To treat a client with disrespect.

5. To abuse a position of authority or a professional relationship to the detriment of persons served or of colleagues.

6. To generally conduct ourselves in a manner inconsistent with or in violation of, the statements contained under “Professional Obligations”.

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